Living Solely on Social Security

Social SecurityTrying to live solely on Social Security during your retirement is a negative to financial planners, but the reality is that it is often the only source of income many seniors lave for their golden years. Therefore, th maintain their current lifestyle in retirement, seniors struggle to to find ways to live comfortably on Social Security alone - but it takes a lot of planningt and budgeting.

Forget long vacations and early tee times on the golf course. Your retirement life is destined to be sub-par from your working years - all luxuries and unnecessary expenses will be elimited. or at least occur rarely.

So many seniors try a variety of things to supplement their income by a few thousand dollars. But for many, the economy in the past 20 years required two incomes just to meet expenses for a household of four or five. Millions of people today count on Social Security as their primary source of retirement income. This has multiplied since the baby-boomers began to qualify.

The average monthly Social Security was $1,178.80 in 2011, impossible for a single to live on. A couple can manage better with a whole lot of budgeting. Minimize your housing expenses even if you have to move. Pay off your debts before that retirement date.And of course lower your property tax bill by applying for senior status at your local tax office.

But here's the thing: In prior years, Social Security taxes collected from workers added up to more than the amount of benefits paid to retirees. This buildup of surplus was intentional - the government wanted to build a reserve that would cover the benefits of the baby boomers.

In the past when Social Security ran cash-flow surpluses, the federal government spent those surpluses on other federal spending, and in return, the Treasury credited Social Security's trust fund with special-issus government securities. This $2.7 trillion in securities is not counted in the total amount of debt held by the public and will have to be repaid over the coming four decades.

But there is a ray of light - if you are reading this post then you have a basic knowledge of the Internet. That's it! That's all you need to 1) supplement your Social Security income today, and 2) replace your Social Security income when America finally admits it has to decrease payments or stop payments altogether due to insolvency. Don't wait. Your freedom is in the link below.

Esther Smith, author

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