Middle ClassFact: The wealthiest 400 Americans have more money than the next 150 million. That is amazing to me... but then, the middle class is disappearing at such a fast rate that it makes total sense. Are you middle class? You may consider yourself to be, but you can’t deny that America’s middle class is being absolutely shredded as the ranks of the poor steadily grow.

Which brings me to the big question: as the middle class disappears you can either move up with the wealthy or move down with the poor. Have you made a decision either way? I decided recently I was going to move upward. This was only possible if I could earn residual income; put my money to work for me. I was still middle class but I knew I had to make a move soon.

The first step was to begin thinking like the wealthy. Most rich people don’t buy $100,000 new cars even though they can afford to. They don’t purchase expensive liabilities they buy inexpensive assets like a good used car. You see, most middle class live above their means, while the wealthy live below their means. The lesson here is as simple as the phrase that covers it: Quiet money.

The middle class lives comfortable however; comfortable means a job and a paycheck. It has usually been rather secure; something one can count on. Wealthy people like to be risky; they will take a chance if they think it will improve their income again and again. So as the middle class disappears, let’s get risky for just a few months... are you with me?

There are plenty of politics that go into this sudden disappearance of the middle class, but it does little good to go into it because there are still nearly two years left to bring it to zero. What is important now is that everyone jump ahead of this Washington game and save themselves. It’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

Stop searching for a 29-hour job that pays you $10 and change per hour; you can’t keep up with rising prices with that. Instead, decide to get a bit risky and put what few dollars you can spare to work for you. Wouldn’t it feel great to earn money while you sleep; and I am not referring to Wall Street investments.

Once upon a time being middle class was an achievement, today its considered a curse. We must all take notice to get out while we can, by getting above it and join the wealthy. My path was easy but more than that it was safe; not a penny lost. Below is some information to study and make up your own mind; just don’t wait – do something.

Esther Smith
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