Job Careers Working at Home
February 25, 2015

Career PlanningBeing a stay-at-home parent does not mean never having the job of your dreams? Thanks to improved technologies job careers working from home is a rewarding income while being there for the kids. This is not only possible – it’s highly doable.

So many citizens think of this as a pipe dream to be able to find a professional job that has flexibility, let alone a job where residual income for life was possible. But you may have to change your thinking. Don’t be embarrassed to answer the question “What do you do for a living?” with the quick answer, “I’m self-employed”. This response does not bring a frown, it brings curiosity; they always want to know more. And that “more” is going to benefit you.

You will find that it is even more important as your kids get older. In middle school it seems the events take place right after school – perfect. Because you work from home you are able to watch your son’s little league practice, or pick up your daughter when it’s snowing. When they end up in the nurse’s office, you can drop your job for the brief time it will take to pick them up or take them to the family doctor. These are special things that Childcare does not cover.

It also allowed me to get to know my children’s teachers and what the teaching methods were for both my children’s classes. Lately, as our present administration is rewriting history books,
it is a very important for me to keep in touch with new changes in math, sports or lessons on sexual behaviors. It is very important to me to know what they are learning and how it is taught.

But just as important as these issues is, it has made me a more self-disciplined and motivated person No office politics or distracting water cooler gossip. My job career working from my home office earns me residual income that I could not have imagined a few years ago.

As robots take over the industry’s labor force and tuitions for college double, so many of us have turned to the Internet to seek job careers working from home. But don’t settle for less than the perfect residual income – the six figure job career is what I recommend below.

Esther Smith

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